Deal: 1st 10,000: Free Prescription Glasses, Just Pay Shipping (You Also Get 7% Cashback)

UPDATE: Sorry guys no longer available

1. Sign up for Ebates here (You get $5 free after your first purchase) They’re also offering 7% cash back at Coastal Contacts.

2. After you signup, search for Coastal Contacts at the top. Then click “Shop Now.”

3. Find a pair of glasses that you want that doesn’t say “coupon not applicable.”

4. Click frame details and then click “Order Now.” Enter your prescription and add to cart. At checkout apply the coupon code: FREEUSA and you’ll score some free glasses! Your final cost should be $10 – $15 for shipping.


  • Keep in mind that if you have received a free pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts before, then you are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Your free pair of glasses will include the standard 1.5 index lenses, which accommodates up to a -8.00. However, if your prescription is over a + or -2.00, you may want to upgrade to a thinner, lighter lens. If you choose to upgrade your lenses, or have selected progressives, Transitions or a tint, you will see the cost of the upgrade in your order total.
  • If you need help with your web order, call the optical staff at 1-866-333-6888

thanks Collin

5 thoughts on “Deal: 1st 10,000: Free Prescription Glasses, Just Pay Shipping (You Also Get 7% Cashback)”

    • Sorry Donna, these usually go pretty quick, so I think it’ll be over by the end of today. Coastal Contacts does this promotion pretty often, so we’ll let you guys know when they do it again though.

  1. i just got mines and its about seven pm on the west coast. i had to pay extra cuz my eye vision is really bad and i needed the thicker lenses haha but got the free frames and paid shipping. totally awesome cn’t wait till i get my glasses [=

  2. I, too, got some for the husband. It was about 7:30 Central Time. I’ve tried in past promotions and the servers were super slow and they ran out. This time it was like any other online purchase – so I’d sure try on Friday as soon as you get your new Rx, Donna. Couldn’t hurt 🙂

  3. None of the ones I looked at said anything about a coupon (whether could use it or not). I didnt even really care about that, just wanted a good place to get my son some glasses. They didnt go high enough for him though. His eyes are +7.50 in one & +6.50 in the other. The highest number they had to put in was +6.00. So frustrating. He is blind w/ out glasses & everywhere we go there are specials & they NEVER apply to his eyes. It seems glasses are supposed to be for people who cant see, yet when really cant see, they make it impossible for you to get a good pair of glasses. (Sorry not frustrated w/you here, just glasses companies) Thanks for posting the coupon.

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