Free $35 P&G Coupon Booklets


NOTE: These are all different links, so if you get a message that you’ve already requested one in the last 30 days, you can still try out the other links

Visit the following links to request your free P&G $35 coupon booklet.

  1. Cascade P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
  2. Dawn P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
  3. Olay P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
  4. Febreze P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
  5. Mr. Clean P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book
  6. Swiffer P&G Organize in Style Coupon Book

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

16 thoughts on “Free $35 P&G Coupon Booklets”

  1. Suggestion for future. How about a list of coupons included in each Organize Style book or at least a few mentioned? There are certain products I do not use and there really is no need to order a book if 0-2 coupons are going to be used.

    Thank you for your work in getting these kind of offers out to us frugual shoppers.

  2. I think that even though these are different books P&G will only mail out one coupon book per 30 day period. It wouldn’t let me get any of the others than the main one. am I the only one who had this issue?

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us aware of these wonderful deals. I was able to sign up for booklets from 3 places before I got the Sorry message.

  4. You can order the book and if you don’t use the coupons send your unused/expired coupons to the group that sends coupons overseas to be used by the military families in the commisaries. Their website is and hey have a FB page, it’s Coups for Troops: The Carolinas and their mailing address is: Coups for Troops, PO Box 147, Winnabow, NC 28479. 🙂

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