14 thoughts on “Free Sample of GUCCI Guilty Fragrance for Her”

  1. Will smell to see if gucci is as good as advertised!!! Have breathing problems, need lung’s. If it don’t lower sats it will be used in this family. Who better to test?!!

  2. I got my sample! When I ordered it I was thinking it would be the small size or the little vials they sometimes use. When I got it, it is a peel off on a post card like they have in magazines. Now I love free stuff so i’m not complaining! I just wanted to let it be known what you actually get because the picture makes you think you get enough for more than 1 use. This goes for all of the other perfume samples I orderd. Now that the summer is comming I keep them in my purse for a touch up on a hot and sweaty day!

  3. i would like to try the gucci guilty sample and if you diferents samples so i can try them.

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