Getting Money Back

Frugality is one of the best ways to recoup money. Contrary to popular belief, frugality isn’t an act of being cheap either. Frugality is a savvy persons way to being financially sound in times where money is a precious commodity, and one can’t afford to squander it so foolishly.

Keep in mind, it’s going to require thought and a willingness to set aside time to go through your home and find things you no longer use, then clean, compile, set aside, and finally find places willing to sell your things, while you also make a profit on them.

What does she mean? Here’s the key to making money on things you no longer use, want, or need.

Once you’ve gathered items, these need to be in good condition as it bares significant impact on how much money you’ll get on your things,clean them. Make them look as new as possible. Yes, you might need to get things dry cleaned, washed, buffed, and polished, but it will be well worth any out of pocket expense having it done.

Second step is to go through the phone book and find consignment stores who’ll give you a fair percentage of money, when they sell your items. Don’t listen to the adage “beggars can’t be choosy,” yes you can!

Shop around for the best consignments stores. Ask friends and family members who might use consignment stores themselves. Find a store who wants to sell your things and then who’ll give you the most money from the sale of your items.

Items which really aren’t all that great, but have value and work, set aside for a garage sale. Don’t be so quick to throw them out. There is always someone who needs something and who can’t afford to buy it new.

Be aware of any city ordinances regarding garage sales where you live and follow procedure. You want to make money not pay it to the city, for fines, because you didn’t follow protocol.

Price to sale! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a nickel or a dollar, price your items to sale. Sentimentality should have no baring on what you ask for things you’re selling.

Finally: Anytime you make a purchase, keep in mind you want to take care of that investment. Think with the mindset of recouping some of the money spent at the time of purchase. While you wont get back as much as you paid for it, you can still make money by reselling it either through a consignment store, or by selling it yourself.

You’re not being cheap by wanting to get money back on purchases you no longer use or need. You’re playing it smart by earning back some of the money spent, then funneling it back into your own cash flow.

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  1. 8th paragraph – the last word should be PROTOCOL….not prodigal……
    great article, though.

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