Kraft First Taste: Coupon For Free Temptations by JELL-O


Thanks to Trish and h2s for the heads up: Currently Kraft first taste is offering some of their members a coupon for free 3-pack of new Temptations by JELL-O (up to $3.30). The only thing is that not everyone will get one. (I didn’t…. again lol) You can see what you got by either clicking here and logging in or register by clicking here. Then just click the “Offer History” tab on the left after.

20 thoughts on “Kraft First Taste: Coupon For Free Temptations by JELL-O”

  1. there is 3 tab i see about me, my activities, and offer history, i dont see my history i clicked on all the other and didnt see anything but thanks for posting

  2. You have to start a profile and then do a short survey about testing product to see if you are accept into their “First Taste” club. If you are accepted then you recieve the coupon for the free item, and others as they become available. Hope that helps. : )

  3. Kraft sent this to me yesterday & I still keep getting an error when I try to get coupon..I mean I was checking my email & it came in & I tried it immediately & still keep trying…sent a message to Kraft..

    • I went back on there site & they said to install my coupon printer(which has been installed for over a year) but I re-did it but they are sending coupon in mail which is better my store alis always a hassle using printed coupons,,

  4. It’s under MY OFFERS. I actually had the option to either try the JELL-O or the PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE! Thanks so much for ALL you do! I have gotten SOOO many good things in the past 6 months or so! Really handy web-site! Thanks again!

  5. I just did this and got the coupon. I also got one for a free Philadelphia cream cheese. It said both coupons would be on the way within 4 weeks! Thanks for the info

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