1st 150,000: Free Tide Stain Release @ 9 PM (ET)

UPDATE #2: It looks like they’re up again. If you already added the application, click here for the signup form.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, obviously they’re having some trouble. They said their tech team is looking into it, so they’ll hopefully have it working again soon. We’ll let you guys know as soon as it is.

To makeup for the problems with their giveaway last week, today Monday, 4/4 @ 6 PM (PT) / 9 PM (ET) Tide will be giving away 150,000 samples of their new Tide Stain Release. If you’re one of the first 150,000 people to register on their facebook, you’ll be able to reserve a free sample for yourself and three of your friends.

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36 thoughts on “1st 150,000: Free Tide Stain Release @ 9 PM (ET)”

  1. I have bee wanting to try the new tide stain remover, but havent so far. what a great way to try it out before actually purchasing it.

  2. Sample Stuff- sorry about all the negative comments- people should be ashamed of themselves- as we have received a lot of nice Free Stuff already- everybody needs to be more patient- things happen that we have no control over- the internet is not perfect and neither are any of us !

  3. Still can’t get any link to work, too much time & trouble which is quite a bit for someone who makes SQUAT.

  4. love tide i even use it for steam cleaning solution , the tide with freebreze is great would love samples!!!!.

  5. OK been trying to get sample will not go through. Is it true mobile phone cannot be used if so this is my problem. Have always used Tide and wanted stain release sample. Thanks Anyway (post that next time)

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