1st 5,000: Free Dogswell Treats from PetFlow


UPDATE: I’m going to move this to “no longer available” because it’s been a couple hours and they should all be gone by now, but the form is still up, so feel free to try it anyway

Just click here and and fill out the form. Then check your email and click the confirmation link to request yours.

15 thoughts on “1st 5,000: Free Dogswell Treats from PetFlow”

  1. Still have not received a link, but I am going to wait till the morning and will update if I receive it! Thanks for the offer regardless!

  2. 7:36 AM eastern time it says its still available on the petflow website. I was able to request a free sample

  3. Never received the verification link after last night, but oh well. appreciate the offer regardless !

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