15 thoughts on “1st 57,000: Rare $2 Off Heinz Ketchup Coupon”

  1. this offer was just posted 1 min ago and its telling me I’ve already printed my coupons……..whats up with that?!?

  2. Update….when printing, it tells you you have already printed more then allowed. If you click help and request a coupon, it tells you they will be sending your coupon shortly. Sorry, misunderstood.

  3. told me I had already printed the allowed # of coupons…..I DIDN’T print a single ONE! them took me to a screen that side the coupon offer is expired 🙁 most destressing

  4. I’m confused how is this a money maker you can’t get money back from using a coupon. A coupon isn’t cash so if the product is less then the coupon then its simply free unless of course there is tax then you pay the tax.

    • @Confused Money makers occurs when the coupons used towards an items is more than what the items costs. Stores like Rite Aid and CVS allow overage but the balance will be applied toward other purchases in the same transaction, so you won’t be getting actual cash back. While Target doesn’t allow overage and simply adjusts the coupon down to the purchase price, Walmart recently updated their coupon policy and allowed overages. Basically Walmart will give you cash back if you have no other items in the same transaction.

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