Free Care Package From Scion for Military Personnel


If you’re Active Duty Military or in the Reserves click here to request a free Care Package From Scion. Scion Care Packages include some things like beanies, a deck of cards, a complimentary hour of internet access, etc. Keep in mind that there is a limit of one care package per person every 12 months.

4 thoughts on “Free Care Package From Scion for Military Personnel”

  1. Can I register even though I am not military and have it sent to some random military person who deserved it.

  2. Email the company and find out. Do this by going to their site. I am sure other people would do this for our troops. So let us know their answer,

  3. I am trying to send this care package to my husband but when I type in his pay grade its not accepting it. What do I do?

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