6 thoughts on “Free Subscription To The Wall Street Journal”

  1. I got my first issue this week! It comes every day during the week… Do you know how long the subscription is for? And how to I cancel it if I don’t want it anymore?

    • Hey Kat, for this one it’s no longer available, so I can’t check how long it’s for, but it should be at least 3 months I believe. For reward gold offers you don’t have to cancel them, they just stop coming when you’re free subscription is up.

      • I have been getting these since october or november… they just keep coming, I get a renewal notice, but just throw them out! Still on my front walk every morning!

  2. My dad works in the newspaper business and he says he’s skeptical about this free subscription. I’ve already gotten it (I think three so far) and no billing. He keeps saying that we’ll get billed eventually but I keep telling him no. Do you know for 100% sure that this is free? And do you know anything I might be able to say to my dad that would calm him?

    • I always pay special attention to the magazine offers before I post them to avoid things like that. I’m not sure exactly what will convince your dad, but if it helps I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now and I’ve never gotten a bill 🙂

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