Kraft First Taste: Coupon For A Free Package of Kraft Shredded Cheese

UPDATE: No longer available

Currently Kraft first taste is offering some of their members a coupon for a free package of Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia (up to $3.89 value). The only thing is that not everyone is eligible. (I wasn’t 🙁 )You can see whether you got one by either clicking here and logging in or register by clicking here. Then just click the “My Offers” tab on the left after.

thanks h2s

17 thoughts on “Kraft First Taste: Coupon For A Free Package of Kraft Shredded Cheese”

  1. Note, if you are using a mac, make sure you use Safari. I use Firefox as my regular browser. Firefox will not print coupons.

  2. I got a message I couldn’t print it because I’ve already printed it. Not So!!!!
    I hate when that happens, because then I lose out on a great opportunity. Can’t fight with a computer!

  3. We are always trying new ways to add shredded cheese to our dinners.I think most people know also you have to add a bag to every pizza you make at home. My favorite is homemade pizza on saturday nites because the whole family helps out! Kraft keep up the awesome shredded cheese.You are #1.

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