1st 10,000: Free Lamkin Golf Grip


Click here and the first 10,000 people to visit the Website, register, and select their grip style will receive a free Lamkin golf grip. Note: When you get to the page where it asks you share the giveaway, you can put in random letters. Also this freebie is only for the grip, the club is not included 😉

3 thoughts on “1st 10,000: Free Lamkin Golf Grip”

  1. Im so happy this came back up..I dont golf personally but I know of a group of mentally challenged adults that golfs..Im going to donate mine to them 🙂

  2. Would love to get for a fathers dad gift. He has done so much for the family. Which allowed us to grow up with dreams. And respect for all

  3. i am kinda miffed with this one. i keep trying and no matter what i do it keep saying my address is an error. i’m pretty sure i know my own address, i tried every way,caps, no caps everyting i can think of…..:( frustrated

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