19 thoughts on “Coupon for a Free Yoplait Yogurt Cup”

  1. I love Yoplait in the mornings, as an afternoon snack, and in evenings while watching T.V. Or, whenever I’m in the mood..

    • really? I’ve never tried yoplait yogurt frozen before. I was looking for some frozen yogurt and actually fell in love with Yogen FrΓΌz, but 3.75 for a medium cup is a bit much on a daily basis SO if the yoplait can cancel out that kick; I would be in heaven. I love thick and creamy strawberry yoplait or a big tub of harvest peach.

  2. I live in New York, and it lets me give all of my info, and then when I click on the submit button, it jumps away.

  3. It’s working. After completing address, it shows states and how many people have signed up. Appears as though all states have signed up.

  4. Filled out all req. info and pressed get a cup. It just keeps flashing back to the same page! I like your brand and eat it, but am now mad at the “promotion:!

  5. I live in NC and I too can enter all my info and then when I click “get coupon” or whatever it says, it won’t do anything at all. grrrrrrrrrrrr

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