Free $5 Gift Card to (Or Possible Check)


UPDATE: Sorry guys no longer available

Click here and take a extremely quick survey and they’ll email you a $5 gift card to within a few days. (It’s also rumored that you might be able to request a check from them instead) A lot of their magazine subscriptions range from $5 – $10, so it should make for a really cheap or even free subscription.

thanks Jen!

6 thoughts on “Free $5 Gift Card to (Or Possible Check)”

  1. I got a message saying they would email the $5 giftcard in a few days. There were no options for a check.

    • Hey Tracy it said the same sample for me, but one of our readers said she’s done these before and when you get the email in the fine print it’ll say you can opt for a check instead.

  2. Just an FYI, if you sign up for their monthly newsletter they often, almost always send you an email saying to enjoy a free $5 gift card on them.. so that’s just a reward you automatically get (i order my magazines through them), if you are able to get a check instead, i would totally think this is worth it, but i’ve never seen that option before.

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