7 thoughts on “Free John Frieda Root Awakening Sample”

  1. the link take us to a page at walmart that says ” We can’t find a Walmart.com page that matches your request,”

  2. Hello Sheila,
    If your pop-up blocker comes on, turn it off. It will come on when the page comes on, it will be a thin yes line asking you about it at the top of it’s webpage. You have to right click on it. Then the page will work. That is what I had to do. Best Wishes!

  3. Yea, it worked this time. I think it was my Firefox. It’s been crashing alot lately. plus mt network went down. Now that its back up and I rebooted, it worked.

  4. Darn it!!!! It’s 8:52am and I was toooo late, they were out, maybe next time. Really wanted to sample this product. : (

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