22 thoughts on “Free KY Intrigue Sample”

  1. I keep trying to fill out the form, just keeps telling me ‘failed to submit’. Am I doing something wrong or are they just out of samples? Thanks! (:

  2. Guys: don’t think you can surprise your Lady. It will NOT register persons of the male gender.

  3. Not even getting the form – flash plays then asks me if I want to watch the commercial. guess its over.

  4. It said Failure but then Thank you so Does that mean it FINALLY sent. My husband and I been talking about buying this but would love to test run it first.

  5. Keeps telling me Failure to submit form. I clicked it dozens of times and it still says the same thing. GRRR!!!!!! Really would like to try this as an alternative to the original K-Y Jelly.

  6. im not even getting a form i clicked the link but dont see a form for a sample anywher on the site..

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