Free Men+Care Deodorant @ Walgreens After Coupon

Starting 5/15 Walgreens will have their Dove + Men Deodorant priced at $3.99, which you can get for free after coupon and Register rewards. Here’s how:

Dove Men+Care deodorant for $3.99

Use the $1/1 coupon found here (login or register -> click the ‘Offers’ tab -> click ‘See All Coupons’ -> then click ‘Member-Only Coupons’)

PAY = $2.99

Get back a $3 RR


Register Rewards (RR) are receipt coupons that can be used almost like cash towards any future purchase at Walgreens. The only difference is that they have an expiration date though.

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5 thoughts on “Free Men+Care Deodorant @ Walgreens After Coupon”

  1. That’s not a free sample. It’s a rebate. So don’t push it as a free sample. When folks don’t have the money to buy something they get samples. Not rebates.

    • Hey P.Gerber please understand that we don’t just post free samples, but also deals as well. This isn’t a sample but a deal that Walgreens is having 🙂

  2. How are RR used? I am hesitant to get anything that gives RR bc I’m afraid that I will forget or they will expire.

  3. I appreciate the heads up and will definitely be at Walgreens to get it before they run out.

    I’ve used rapid rewards – there’s no trick except the expire like a coupon. If you put it in with your coupons and try to remember them, it’s not bad. It’s not like fuel perks where you can’t actually see them – they’re a print out that is used like a coupon.

  4. P. Gerber, calm down your lucky they even post anything on here. Seriously, BE GRATEFUL! No one has to help anyone with anything and they are doing a FREE service for us so appreciate it!! Thank you Sample Stuff b/c I am appreciative! 🙂

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