Saving While Moving

This week, I’m writing to you on the road in Tipton County, Indiana.  My husband is starting a new job here and we’re looking for a place to live.  In less than two weeks, we’ll be moving here to re-settle our family.  Naturally, we’ve been looking for ways to save money.  Today’s experiment: Saving While Moving.

Rental Truck

Getting a rental truck is one of the most expensive parts of moving.  There is no way around it.  Unless you have a gigantic truck of your own, you are going to shell out the big bucks to move all your furniture.  My husband found a super easy way to save even on a truck.  He asked if they had any discounts.  That’s it.  They said yes and knocked off $100 from our bill, just like that.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  The worst they could say is “no.”

Police Department

This one isn’t going to translate into immediate saving but will give you instant peace of mind.  We’ll be renting for several years while we’re saving up for a down payment.  We’d love to not have to move again until then.  One way to save yourself some trouble is to call the police department in the area you’ll be moving.  Ask them if there are any areas of town or apartment complexes that you should avoid.  They’ll know better than anyone the safest places for you to look for rentals.  In the long run, you many save money that you would have spent on an additional move to get out of an undesirable situation.

Visitor’s Bureau

Before you move to your new locale, go by the visitor’s bureau for that town and let them know that you are thinking about moving into the area.  They’ll give you information about city or town happenings and let you know all the attractive features of that location.  After you’ve moved, visit again and they may give you a new resident welcome packet with more information and possibly freebies.  One friend of mine received a free month’s subscription to the city daily newspaper.

Check out this website for rentals in the area you hope to be living.  It’s just your average search engine with a twist.  If you find your future home on their website tab that says “$100 Reward Card,” they’ll give you a $100 Visa gift card.  My friend did this and used the card to buy a new vacuum cleaner and other items for her new home.

I hope these ideas make your moving a little more pleasant.  Wish us luck as we try to find a rental in the next two days!

What advice would you add?  When you’ve moved, how did you save money?

2 thoughts on “Saving While Moving”

  1. If you live near a local paper, go and ask if they give away “end rolls”. This is the tube with the end of the newsprint paper – without any print on it. It may not matter to you, but while packing up all your plates and breakables, wrapping it with paper can help create a barrier and protect the items. Using newspaper is a great way to recycle – but I’d think that having to WASH every item covered in newsprint before using or displaying it would negate that benefit. Having paper without print on it is a GREAT benefit – and we used to get the end rolls for free!! (they are also great for families to use for making banners, letting kids color on it, or using to trace your kids bodies on them for fun life-size paper dolls, or “flat stanleys”.)

  2. First, Let your friends and family help you with your move, packing boxes, loading, moving furniture, They may even go to the new site to unload if you are lucky!!
    Second, get current copies of the local paper, some are can be found online. It will tell you more about what is actually happening in a town than a vistors bureau, which may only show positive or guilded pictures of the community. Not bashing vistors bureaus though, they are great for information.
    Third, get a copy of the local phone book. The local phone company can mail you one before the move. In addition to business listings it may contain coupons and information about the community. (And where to order pizza that first night!)
    And lastly get recomendations from your children’s and your own doctors for medical services in your new town. Your records may need transfered, medications needs continued and insurance may not accepted in other areas.
    OH, play some catchy fast music with a beat, a marching band or college songs, while unloading, it will make everyone move faster, really!

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