66 thoughts on “1st 25,000: Free Tide Stain Release”

  1. I applied recently for the Tide Stain release samples. Well, today i got something from ya’ll- a coupon!! I was really disappointed because i wanted to try this product out before buying it to see if I liked it. I buy a box of Tide EVERY week. You shouldn’t tell people that they will receive a product and then turn around and send a coupon instead. I still love my tide detergent though.

    • Don’t worry! I thought the same thing about a week ago when I only received a coupon. Yesterday, I received another large envelope from Proctor and Gamble, containing a 10 pack of tide stain release, a sample of tide detergent, and another $2 off coupon.
      Just keep an eye out for yours, you’ll probably get it next week.

  2. My husband and boys shower in tide after they grease his semi and change the oil to get clean

  3. I have an 8 yr old daughter who says it’s not fun if you don’t get DIRTY!!! And DIRTY she gets:)

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