1st 454,000: Coupon For A Free Pantene Shampoo Or Conditioner

Click here and like Pantene on facebook. Then on the “Pantene Coupon” tab allow the application (you can delete it right after) and you’ll be able to request your coupon. TIP: If you get “Service unavailable” Keep trying or wait a little bit so that less people are on.

Also if you haven’t already, please click here and like Sample Stuff on facebook too ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks h2s

36 thoughts on “1st 454,000: Coupon For A Free Pantene Shampoo Or Conditioner”

  1. your products are excellent, and with my propecia..you’ve saved what lil’ hair i got!


  2. I love how pantene makes my waist long hair healthy and manageable. Thanks for a great product pantene. Did you ever think of making one in the scent of lilacs?

  3. No matter what i do, i cant get a sample or the coupon for a free larger size. My disabitity withvarthritis in my hands wont allow to keep trying. Verry disapointed๎Ž

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