1st 500,000 Free Samples of Downy Unstopables

UPDATE: No longer available 🙁

Click here for a free sample of the new Downy Unstopables. Hurry because only the first 500,000 people will get the free sample.

Also if you haven’t already, be sure to click here and like Sample Stuff on facebook for another reminder when this goes live.

22 thoughts on “1st 500,000 Free Samples of Downy Unstopables”

  1. I don’t understand these deals. Only the first 500,000 people get the deal if they click “Like”. Above, “Like” only shows 876. Why then, are you OUT OF IT”??

  2. This stuff is AWESOME!!!! The laundry smells incredible and the fragrance lasts and lasts! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for the Sample!

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