54 thoughts on “2 Free IMAN Foundation and Powder Cosmetics Samples”

  1. I am on FF and keep getting

    Error 500 – Internal server error

    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later.

  2. They don’t have a very thorough list of skin shades…goes from medium to dark and I’m a pastey white girl…

  3. I Hope they fix the site, so I can find out more their products, it is a drag,
    their whole on line site is not working.

  4. Can’t get through. I keep getting the error message. I have been trying since 2 days ago & now I’m giving up.

  5. Lets You go to Site but does not show all the Information, It Won’t Work Right. Did not get to get a Sample, or even pick the color of the foundation. 🙁


      • Irma you need to calm down, all they do is find the samples for us and everyone that they have posted has worked. I eventually got this sample you have to be patient. Or contact the website it is not Samplestuff’s fault.

  7. Also, if you have IE click the Compatibility View a few times on the browser and it should show the submit button and the choices to choose from. That is what I did and it finally went through and I got my samples it said 10wks for delivery.

  8. I myself have tried to get a free sample but can’t get it to work either I’ve tries the refresh, compatibitlity view and I still can’t get it to work so ppl your not the only one that can’t get this to work.

  9. It is working perfectly now. It was probably down due to overload of all of us trying to get the samples at once. Give it another shot now;)

  10. i went to the site, selected shade, but than nothing else happened, no spot to select samples, or anything

  11. The link worked great—I went to the site, clicked on a shade, and then it showed me my “Cosmetic Shades”. I followed the instructions and waited for a submit box to pop up, or an order form, but nothing happened.

  12. Got to the website ok but I didn’t get to choose any foundation colors, it only let me register a contest.

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