4 Free Activity Books For Kids

The National Service Center for Environmental Publications is offering 4 free activity books for kids. You can view them online or get them shipped to you. (click “Get a Copy” -> then United States Postal Service -> select the book and finally click “Show order form”)

  1. Case of the Broken Loop
  2. Free Follow that Trail Book
  3. Free Backyard Book For Kids
  4. Free Mission Sunwise Activity Book

25 thoughts on “4 Free Activity Books For Kids”

    • It worked for me. (8:30 am, central time).

      I had to click a link for each booklet, then select all, then hit submit order. It will give you the order form to complete.

      Good luck!

      • You can order all at once btw. Click each link then hit “get a copy”…an order window pulls up. Then go back and hit the next books link. It will add the book to the previous order window. Do the next two the same way until all 4 books are on the order page together. Click all 4 and submit.

        I hope that makes sense!

  1. It is back up now. A little slow, but I was able to submit everything and got a confirmation page.

  2. If you like this page…it will let you order them….I just ordered all 4, but you have to select each one separately.

  3. I just ordered all four…if you click on each one and choose postal service (but don’t finish order yet), you will be able to order them all at once after you click on each link. My kids are going to love these! Thanks Sample Stuff!

  4. Worked for me – got all 4 – click each one individually- go to right hand side of page “get a copy” , then click on postal service (unless you want to download it yourself) and it will add it to your order. Do that for each book and then you can order all 4.

  5. I ordered all 4 together. I just came back to this main page, chose a new book and it added it to the order page on the NSCEP site. Then I closed out the previous order page on the NSCEP website, came back to this website, chose another booklet, added it to my order page, and so on. Hope that helps.

  6. Click on each one seperate, then go to checkout and enter information. Worked fine. Did not have to do anything but click each link from here.

  7. Hello all,
    I had to do this 4x to order all four books for my granchildren.
    I can’t wait to receive them and read with them!

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