Bounce: Enter to Win 1 of 750 Dryer Bars

It’s a new week, which means you can enter again. Click here to visit the Bounce facebook (you don’t have to like them). Then on the “Dryer Bar Giveaway” tab you can enter to win 1 of 750 Dryer Bars. Until June 30th, they’ll be giving away a free Dryer Bar ($4.99 value) for 750 winners each week.

22 thoughts on “Bounce: Enter to Win 1 of 750 Dryer Bars”

  1. i would love to win one of these dryer bars, my daughter has tried them, i haven’t !!!!

  2. I am new to couponing and have been paying on sale prices for these! The convience is awesome as I never forget to put in a dryer sheet ! I love them!

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