48 thoughts on “Free Business Card Holder From 1saleaday”

  1. Thank you! I am giving this to my sister because she just used the staples coupon to get some business cards and will love having somewhere to keep them!

  2. My business is business cards so this freebie will help to enhance & advertise my cards thanks sks/bics

  3. Great deal! Can’t wait to receive mine, but I didn’t get to select a color. I’d really like to receive the silver one. Thanks.

  4. I wonder why they didn’t give an option to choose which design you want. I am not complaining though, I mean after all, it is free lol

  5. Everybody seems to get this to work but me. I would like to have one but it says my email or password is invalid

  6. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get one and put it to use! It will def. be good for me to have since they always seem to get scattered. 🙂

  7. I really want this business card holder offer. I’m a registered user, and I’ve ordered before, but this time I’ve been trying all day and was not able to get ‘proceed to confirmation’ to work for me. I’ve also sent 2 emails to support with no answer.

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