15 thoughts on “Free Dentek Easy Brush Sample”

  1. OK, good news..Took 4 tires, but eventually it did come up. Very easy to sign up for the site (which you have to do) and then get the sample.

  2. Have been trying for 30 minutes. Got to form once, filled it all out and then hit submit and it won’t go!!!!!!!!!!! Now can’t get back to form!!!!!!!!

  3. I am getting through to sign up but everytime I fill out the form and hit submit facebook comes up. I hit like but then it won’t go through. Help!!

  4. I waited & waited for site to come up.
    I then filled out all the information.
    But couldn’t find a submit button.
    Tried clicking the Enger button,
    but that didn’t work.

  5. I created an account, but when I put in the info to sign in the site erases it. I have tried more times than I can remember. I even tried to recreate my account in case it didn’t work the first time, but it said my email was in use. So frustrating!!!

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