83 thoughts on “Free Iron Padlock With 3 Keys”

  1. you just click above then you click on buy now and then you sign up and it will then ask for your address and you click order but you don’t have to pay anything. pretty cool 🙂

  2. Well I have never signed up with them before so I was trying to sign up and then i went back and signed in as if I were already a member and then it let me order it. THANKS!!

  3. How can something that’s suppose to be free be sold out? It’s 7am, I feel like this was a trick to get people to like your site (duh). Don’t like being misled.

    • Hey Sara please keep in mind I don’t work with these companies. I just find them for you guys. Also sold out just basically means they ran out of freebies

    • What are yoy even talking about?? 1saleaday.com is a popular daily deal site.. i shop there like everyday, how is that advertisment for this freebie site?

  4. The lock was gone, but I bought noise cancelling earbuds there for one dollar and free shipping, hope they sound halfway decent but that is a great price.

  5. Just tried to order it but it says sold out even though the clock is still showing time left.

  6. I just got through and mine will be on the way soon. I have the perfect place to try this lock out. Hurry before they are all gone!

  7. Thank You so much for posting that this is back in stock. Was bummed out yesterday when it said sold out as I really need this!!

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