143 thoughts on “Free Mystery Gift From 1saleaday”

  1. Just recently signed up…still waiting to see if this is legitimate or not. Hope its a nice surprise!

    • Pamela, I have been shopping with 1SaleaDay for months now and I have received EVERY item I have gotten free or for a bargain. It is a legit site, I ran a security scan through McFee and it passed. There is no catch or small writing. I hope this helps 🙂 Also, you receive your stuff quick regardless if it was free or not

  2. Thank you! I cannot wait to receive it to see what it is!! It said two people would get lucky and get something in a box! I love this site by the way! So many deals!! 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. When I click the submit request button I get a message saying order isbeing processed. This goes on for about 5 minutes then it stops but order wasn’t sent in. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Do you have aaaany idea how this site works? You have to click the blue link to request the site and request things. Sample Stuff doesn’t send anything they just find these things for us

      • I Know! I leave similar comments all the time. some people just dont get it, don’t get it AT ALL!

  4. I was not able to do this. Said it was processing request. Someone else told me it’s because I live in NY and it doesn’t work for NY citizens. Is this true?

  5. love ur site i love getting free stuff and truely free like i get from u no shipping or nothing

  6. I’m so frustrated with thei site. I’d gotten a previous free item & now it won’t accept my information. Can anyone help me?

      • i am from NY and just tried doing it and i am having problems too. i just wrote to the company to tell them. i want a free surprise gift!!!! ;-{

    • This site : Samplestuff does NOT provide the free gifts, they only provide deals they find on the internet or bargains that are available for us to take advantage of. You have to check back everyday and they’re new ones available that they find.

  7. I live in NY and all I keep getting is: Billing info must match info on file with bank or credit card. We ship to P.O. Boxes.

    • For some reason it’s not letting people in NY do this. I sent the company a message and so did others to fix this for NY people.

  8. I always love free stuff and like to try many things..Thanks for all the free stuff guys..It really helps now days.

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