Free Sample of Lisanatti Foods Products

Click here to visit the Kid Kirtics site and choose your sample. Then fill out the form to request a free sample from Lisanatti Foods. Be sure to confirm your email to complete your request.

You can choose from:

Almond Cheeze – Mozzarella Style Chunks
Almond Cheeze – Cheddar Style Chunks
MUNCHEEZE Snack Sticks – American Style
MUNCHEEZE Snack Sticks – Mozzarella Style
RiceCheeze – Cheddar Style Chunks
RiceCheeze – Mozzarella Style Chunks
SoySation – Cheddar Style Chunks & Shreds
SoySation – Cheddar Style Slices
SoySation – Mozzarella Style Chunks & Shreds
SoySation – Swizz Style Slices

10 thoughts on “Free Sample of Lisanatti Foods Products”

  1. I went through all the steps, but I haven’t received an email. Does it come instantly or in a few hours?

  2. So disappointed…these all still have Casein, a milk product. 🙁 My son is severely allergic to dairy, so I was hopeful to get something free for him. Everything non-dairy is SO EXPENSIVE! Oh well…maybe next time! 🙂

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