Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products


NOTE: If you’ve done this already it might not let you again. The answers should be  B, B , A, A, A, A, B, A (thanks Laura!)


Click here to visit the Suave site and watch the short videos by clicking the icons at the bottom of the site and then pick the correct answers. The more you answer correct the better your prize will be. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Image Credit: Suave

59 thoughts on “Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products”

  1. i havent done this in 2 weeks and i was told it reset every week but i am not allowed to do it still bc it hasnt reset or something. someone should check into this.

  2. I had to do it 2x today to get it right, and all I won was a .50 off 2 products coupon! What a waste of time!

  3. I got 2 wrong from the tests. I got 2 free products. (choices were from .50/2, 1/2 coupons, 1 free product, or 2 free products.)

  4. I have used Suave products several times and liked them.I would like to try these.Thank you very much.Rose Voorhies

    • Betty that is because YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS! Did you read the post above or just click the link? they are not just going to give you their products you have to pick the answer at the END of watching all eight videos… so I suggest trying again.

  5. Are there different videos each week? I wanna try to get a free styling tool 😀 , so thats why i didn’t claim my prize today.

  6. I got the dry shampoo and loved it. Smelled great and worked great until it stopped spraying half through the bottle. But would still reccomend it.

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