Staples: Free Scotch Magic Tape

UPDATE: Thanks to our awesome readers I found out that Staples has recently updated their policy to not accept “competitor, manufacturer or any other third party coupons.” What you can do though is use the ad for this next week and have it priced matched at Walmart. Sorry for the confusion guys. 🙁

Starting tomorrow (6/5), Staples will have their Scotch Magic Tape on sale for $0.99. You can click here to print a $1.00 off coupon, making it free after coupon. (It’s on the second page of the link)

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  1. i click on this site for a free sample of Staples: Free Scotch Magic Tape and all it is is a bunch of coupons what a fake

  2. woooow….some ppl… thanx sample stuff for the very easy to read post on HOW to get the tape for free! 🙂

  3. Ava, that’s ok, don’t click on any more links here. Stick to the instant giveaways that hardly ever work and I’ll take the couple of extra steps to ensure a really good deal on the things I need. You can leave the rest of them for those of us that appreciate the coupons, sale alerts and other offers that SS spends so much time finding for us for FREE.

    Thank you Sample Stuff!

    Anne & Sample Stuff – Ava read the post, I think. She just wanted instant gratification. 🙂

  4. FYI Staples no longer accepts manufacturer coupons – but you can bring the flyer to Walmart to price match and get this deal.

    • I think that’s just if you’re ordering online. I tried a manufacturer coupon earlier had no problems

  5. Do you know if Staples will let you print more than one coupon to use on more than one roll of tape? I’ve never tried it before, but I was curious.

  6. from their website…

    •Staples does not accept competitor, manufacturer or any other third party coupons.

    sorry folks. 🙁

  7. I also used a manufacturer coupon last week in the store. Maybe this is new and not all employees know about the change?

  8. Just as a clarification for anyone interested: Staples DOES still accept manufacturer coupon as long as it is for the exact item in the ad and on the coupon. The Scotch tape that is in the Staples ad this week is a “designer” dispenser not the standard green roll which is why they will not accept the manufacturer coupon for the tape. A very close relative of mine is a district manager for the company and clarified this for me when I asked yesterday. So, technically, even if you take the ad to WalMart for a price match it would still not be for the product that matches the printable coupon. Just thought I would share!

  9. Well is Staples implements a new policy not accepting those coupons, they are probably going to go out of business and fast. It’s not very smart of them.

  10. Ashley, please tell me that you are joking right? Not allowing someone to come in and get 30 free rolls of tape is going to put Staples out of business?
    I must assume you do not know alot about profit and loss for retail?
    I am a Manager for Staples, and the reason behind the change in coupon policy is due to the people that surf these sites, print multiples of these coupons, and then stroll into my store 1st thing Sunday morning and want something for nothing . I am also a consumer, and I also use coupons, but their is a difference between being a smart shopper, and someone just looking to screw the system. Because its on sale for 99 cents, and you have $1.00 coupon, do you feel its right to come in and strip the shelf bare, then have the nerve to ask if there are anymore ‘in the back’ No-one needs all that tape, and its only because you want something for nothing that you feel you are entitled to it. Its an awesome deal to get 1 roll for free, but then someone has to come along and want 20 rolls for free—so guess what, like any SMART company would do, they protect their assets. Since we cannot pick and choose what you can and cannot get with your little free coupons, we’ll just punish everyone for the actions of some. Now, will Staples go out of business? Ummm, doubtful, but I bet we will turn a Q3 profit!

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