You Look Like A Million Bucks, But You Only Spent a Few

You want to look good, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Shop off season

You can still be trendy and stylish by shopping in the off season. This is a great time to get items for the next season. You can take care of all of the staples in your wardrobe when everything is on clearance. Buy your summer clothes towards the end of summer or early fall. Buy your winter clothes at the end of winder or early spring. Stock up on the tank tops that never go out of style, or the sweaters, jeans, shorts…You will likely pay 1/4 of what they were selling for during the season. This is a perfect time for stocking up.

I managed to find an amazing deal at Target, a few years back. They had a huge selection of snow boot for kids, all for $3.24, a pair. Now, if you’ve ever shopped for kids snow boots, you know how pricey they are, especially for the ones that will hold up. I dipped into savings and bought 16 pairs. Sized 10 (Kids) up to size 6 (Woman’s). I won’t have to buy snow boots until my kids are well into their teens. I sealed them in the shoe boxes and put them up in my girls’ closet.

Invest in those everyday pieces

Most things are more expensive for a reason. Some shirts come with a “Wrinkle-Free” style. Some pants have a double seam to prevent pulling and stretching. These items are going to hold up better to the everyday wear and tear. In the long run, that investment in those jeans will pay off. They last longer, so you have to buy less. I’m all for being a little cheap, but if you really look at the big picture, you’ll realize that spending $30 on a pair of pants that will last you a couple of years, will end up being cheaper then that pair of pants that are only $15, but you have to replace them every 6 months.

Take inventory each season

One of my “Must do’s” on my seasonal BIG clean, is to go through the clothes. This is when I put away items from last season and pull out the clothes for this season. I inspect the clothes, and check for holes, stains, or just regular wear. I toss out what needs to be tossed, and I write down what needs to be replaced (Via, my local clearance racks).

AVOID the Mall!

As teenagers, the mall was the coolest place to shop, but as adults, we start to notice that everything there is WAY overpriced! Go to the mall to people watch, not shop. You can find the same product for much less, somewhere else.

Check out the thrift stores

You can save big here! Now, the thing about thrift stores is that you often have to dig for what you are looking for, but if you find it…you save BIG! I’ve spotted many designer pieces at a thrift store for pennies on the dollar.


By going this avenue, you are able to search thousands of stores in one sitting. You will find what you are looking for, if you are patient. You can also find many discount and promo codes by shopping online, to save even more money.

Being stylish doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you have to be willing to look for it.


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