Zebra Pen: Free Zebra Pen Pal Kit ($40 Value)


UPDATE: It looks like they took down the tab already 🙁 No longer available

Hurry and click here to like Zebra Pen on facebook. Then on the Zebra Pen Pal tab you’ll be able to request a free kit.

Also if you haven’t already, please click here to like Sample Stuff on facebook too 🙂

thanks carlymn

46 thoughts on “Zebra Pen: Free Zebra Pen Pal Kit ($40 Value)”

  1. I clicked “like”, came to this page and can’t sign up to get the pen!!!! What a rip!!!!!!!

  2. I tried to sign up for the Zebra Pen Pal Kit but I am not sure it ever when through because I did not receive anything back that it did.

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