23 thoughts on “1st 10,000: Free Tide Stain Release”

  1. I love TIDE and always use it. My husband is a mechanic and nothing else works as grest as TIDE to remove all the stains and make him look like he has on a new uniform everyday.

  2. I love the way that tide smells and how clean our clothes are. We have 5 people in our house so we do a lot of laundry….Thanks tide

  3. Kept getting a blank page since it posted. Then I finally get the page only to find they’re out already 🙁

  4. I already got free samples and I love TIDE. I love the scent and It always keeps our clothes looking great!

  5. Man it said 3 pm I should’ve known it was at least 2-3 hr time dif. My bad oh well I’ll keep trying ty

    • the promotion is over with. Also, Sample Stuff doesn’t provide the samples, you’ll have to wait till next time

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