1st 5,000: Free TylorMade Golf Balls

UPDATE: Should be gone by now, but the form is still up so you could still try just in case

TylorMade is giving away 5,000 more six-packs of Penta TP golf balls this month @ 12 midnight (Pacific Time) / 3 am (Eastern Time). Click here to register and to become a Qualified Entrant you must provide the following answers with your registration:

  1. 15 or lower index/handicap
  2. Play 3 or more rounds each month
  3. Play either: Titleist ProV1, ProV1X; Bridgestone B330, B330 RX, B330 RXS, B330S; Callaway Tour is, Tour iz, Tour ix; Nike 20XI, 20XI-X; Nike One Black, One Tour, One TourD, One Platinum; and Srixon Z-Star, or Z-Star XV.

Note: It’s one per household, so if you’ve gotten it in the past you might not be able to again

thanks h2s

30 thoughts on “1st 5,000: Free TylorMade Golf Balls”

  1. I would like a golf ball, have a few men that play, want to tease them with it! hahahhahahahaah

  2. Both my husband and my son golf, they love trying different courses and it’s great when they are able to use the TylorMade balls. They are kinda fussy with the type of balls they use, they do like the ProV1 and ProV1X as well. They will both be excited with a sample pack of the TylorMade Balls. Thanks for the chance to use them.

  3. Their doing Maintenance on the website. i think their no longer available=( it would’ve been a great gift for my husband

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