Free Meal at Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day

Note: I promise I’m not making this up šŸ˜‰

Just a reminder, on July 8th in honor of Cow Appreciation Day, if you visit any Chick-fil-A restaurant dressed as a cow, you’llĀ receiveĀ a free meal. If you’re only partially dressed as a cow, you’ll stillĀ receiveĀ a free entree. If you don’t have a cow costume at all, just click here to print their custome kit out.

Since they do this every year, have any of you guys done this before?

10 thoughts on “Free Meal at Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day”

  1. I will definately be here for this! I love dressing up like a cow for free eats. I do it all the time.

  2. My whole family did this last year. I felt a bit silly as we headed into the restaurant, but there were a lot of people there who dressed up. We went to Chick Fil-A for lunch and dinner and got free meals for all 6 of us!

  3. Wish there was a Chick-fil-A near me in California. Loved eating there when I lived in South Carolina. Best chicken sandwich and lemonade ever!

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