Free MicroSD USB 2.0 Adapter

UPDATE: No longer available

Click this link to visit their site and you’ll be able to request a Free MicroSD USB 2.0 Adapter. Just click “Buy It Now,” They’re including free shipping and no credit card info is required.

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75 thoughts on “Free MicroSD USB 2.0 Adapter”

  1. what an awesome deal – stocking stuffers already for the kids – free makes it even better. Did not have to enter credit card at all

  2. Their website is VERY slow so I’m hoping I’ll be able to grab this. It’ll be a very useful item to have around the house. Thanks! 🙂

  3. took me a while to get through the site (so many people trying to get through lol) but keep trying if you’re getting one 😀

  4. i am unable to get one off the link. please help me as this would be a good item while im in college

  5. I had a hard time getting it to conform, but I think I got one. Thank you. My daughter tried and it will not go submit.

  6. Everytime these deals are posted for 1saleaday, I always get BRB , please check back in a few minutes….. its busier than a pub in Ireland lol! Does anyone else get this? I check back all the time and I cant even pull up a website, even at 3 am!

    • Refresh your page. I have never had problems with this website but have on others and refreshing often works.

  7. Well my wife said she’d need an micro sd card for her job but she’d have no way to read it. Thanks to you all when we get the micro sd card now my wife will be able to use it to the fullest… Thank You!

  8. Site states they are already sold out. I tried refreshing three times and still states “SOLD OUT”

    • Sample Stuff doesn’t give out the samples OneSaleAday does and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Sorry there are no rain checks

  9. I just joined two wks. Ago and this is my fav. Site… U guys have so many different things on here. I appreciate that bc I don’t like going to alot of sites — and with two teenagers — who has time?? Anyways, a big thank u from denham springs,la.:)

    • Really? It only lasts until it sells out. Also, One Sale a Day’s sales only last ONE DAY. Of course its gone

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