Free Pair of Noise Isolating DeepBass Earbuds

UPDATE: No longer available

Click this link to visit their site and you’ll be able to request a Pair of Noise Isolating DeepBass Earbuds. Just click “Buy It Now,” They’re including free shipping and no credit card info is required.

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201 thoughts on “Free Pair of Noise Isolating DeepBass Earbuds”

  1. This will really come in handy with 3 grandsons running around the house while trying to watch tv.Thanks for the great deal

  2. Just like yesterday, the site keeps giving “Page not available” errors. I got a confirmation email, but never got the confirmation page to load so I have no idea if I’ll get this or not.

  3. having a serious problem loading the page i clicked like fanpage and i did an account and still cant get to the order

  4. It took about 10 minutes of constantly refreshing. But in the end I got the completed/confirmation and a free headset 🙂 thanks Samplestuff 🙂

  5. Had trouble with this but after refreshing the page 3 times was able to get the website page to pull up So like the note says try refreshing the page if you can’t get it to work right may take a few trys but it will work after refreshing the page.

  6. I’ve tried for the past half hour to get them and the site keeps timing out. I’d really like them for my daughter, too! 🙁

  7. Won’t let me sign up or process request for earbuds. Keeps giving errors when trying to sign up and then says connection timed out.

    • I finally got it to go through (took a while) by closing the buy from page & just came back here & reclicked link. Tried the refreshing also till I started getting the errors then did it the other way & got mine. Hope this helps :~)

  8. It takes a few times but I just got it..I think it helps if you have an account with them and sign in first

  9. I got through on the first try. It took all of 2 minutes to fill out their sign up information and POOF, congratulations….I can’t wait to get them!!

  10. No problems at all with this one. I ordered and was on to the next ad venture in under 1 minute! TY

  11. Thanks so much for this! I have needed a new pair since my kids lost the ones I bought at Christmas.

  12. i really appreciate all the nice items i have gotten from this site, especially the free ones. it is awesome in this day to really get something useful for free. thanks for this site


  14. These look so cool. The rate I go through these things (not this brand) I really could use them. 3 teen daughters, 3 mp3’s= thousands of sets of earphones/buds

  15. wouldn’t let me sign up – kept saying invalid password or e-mail. I refreshed and i “liked” on fb but no luck

  16. just tried 1 more time under sign in instead of sign up and it took – so hopefully I’ll get them

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