Free Tub O’ Towels Sample

Click here to visit the Tub O’ Towels site and you’ll be able to request a free sample. In case you’re wondering what it is, according to their website:

“Whether you’re at home or on the job, let Tub O’Towels do the work for you. At 2x the size of regular wipes, they’ll knock out grease, tar, ink, paint, and other tough messes with No Water Necessary. Tub O’Towels contains lanolin, aloe vera & vitamin E so they’re gentle on your hands too.”

52 thoughts on “Free Tub O’ Towels Sample”

  1. Don’t think its working tried to go in several times and the circle just sat there spining did this several times.

  2. just went straight to tub o’towels website then clicked on free sample request. worked the first time

  3. I am anxious to try them. I like using towels to clean, i use alot of lysol toewls for cleaning up. So i am anxious to try these. thank you

  4. i think its hysterical all the people who don’t know how this site works.
    you guys, they find the samples for us. you read the post, click the link, and the company that makes the product sends you the product when you enter your information. so if you click the link in the post, the company that samplestuff is in no way associated with, will send you your product. they just find the deals for us!

  5. I have tried to do this before and there is always something that messes up after I fill all the info out. This time I filled it all out and there was no submit button to push! UGH!!!!

  6. I LOVE I remember back (around 1991 or so) in the day I had to mail in all requests for samples AND pay for a stamp. I am grateful for sites like yours!! Thanks for sooo much fun and something new waiting in the mail. 🙂

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