Free Universal Flush USB Car Charger

UPDATE: No longer available

Click this link to visit their site and you’ll be able to request a free Universal Flush USB Car Charger. Just click “Buy It Now,” They’re including free shipping and no credit card info is required.

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Image credit: 1SaleAday

106 thoughts on “Free Universal Flush USB Car Charger”

  1. website is slow, but eventually worked. i love when this site (1saleaday) has freebies because they are useful items, thanks 😀

  2. wow… that took a lot of time to get that! dang…kept having to reload to buy it and then reload to confirm and proceed that my information was correct and then again to finish checkout … but i finally got it after about 7 min

  3. Ok…..really aggravated now. Even commented on 1SaleADay’s wall like you asked and it won’t let me do it. I really would like to have had that charger. 🙁

  4. took almost 20 minutes to get to the final confirmation page but mine is finally on is way (hopefully)

  5. Im trying to get the usb car charger it wont let me sign in or anything Im a fan on facebbok so please help me get this

  6. Be patient. Go make yourself a sandwich, or tuck your kids in bed and read them a story. It takes awhile until it accepts it. They must be very busy!

  7. I tried and tried to do this and I can select the item, put it in my cart, but then it says I have to login or sign up to purchase, and you know what? It won’t let me. It just keeps saying that the page cannot be displayed for some unknown reason, and I tried diagnosing connection problems, and there was no solution. 🙁 bummer.

  8. This is a great site. I just got on but my daughter uses it ALL the time and gets unbelievable bargains.

  9. Ok, I just wanted to say, I was able to get this done this morning. I guess last night my phone was just being difficult. Thanks!

  10. Just a heads up: I have ordered two previous times from 1saleaday. One order said sent July 9 via usps. Never got it. The other order hasn’t even been sent according to my account. I tried to contact them via email but they have not replied. There is also no phone # to call them to inquire. So, not complaining too much it was a freebie after all,but I would not dare buy anything on that site with a credit card.
    @ Sample Stuff all the other samples I have gotten off your site have arrived:-) Love you guys!!!!

    • That is weird, I have never EVER had a problem receiving my order. I emailed them and they told me that it takes longer to receive an item that was free. It is not normal shipping sometimes its 4-6 weeks like any other sample site

  11. does anyone ever get the free items from this site? I’m 0-3 so far over the last few months even when the orders go thru

  12. I’m always looking for a great deal and this surely sounds like one. Let’s see if it’s TRUE!

    • it takes 4-6 weeks for free stuff to arrive through onesaleaday. They are PAYING for the postage through USPS so you have to give it time. I HAVE ALWAYS received everything I ordered, but when I pay for it I get it quicker and when it is free it is like any other sample site 4-6 weeks

  13. I requested the a free Universal Flush USB Car Charger but didn’t get a reply back after placing the order. Now sight says all sold out, so does that mean I’m not going to receive the item even though I place an order before this???

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