Free Full Size MinuteClinic Moisturizing Body Wash @ CVS

UPDATE: Hurry, back again

Click here and like MinuteClinic on facebook. Then on the “Special Offers” tab fill out the form and they’ll send you a coupon via email that you can print and redeem at CVS for a Full Size MinuteClinic Moisturizing Body Wash. Coupon expires 8/20. Offer not valid for residents of NY.

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thanks Lori!

Image Credit: Minute Clinic

18 thoughts on “Free Full Size MinuteClinic Moisturizing Body Wash @ CVS”

  1. I got mine, there’ an offer going on right now for 2 for $3, if yu cash in your coupon you can get 2 for a $1!!! It’s so awesome… I suggest going with romance smells great!

  2. I got mine! Yay. There is a two for $3 offer, and when you cash in the coupon you get it for $1! Romance smells awesome!

  3. Got mine. Romance is a scent i really like! I go 2 for only $1! And it’s like $2.37 for each! So it’s like getting it for $50 each!

  4. Got mine! Romance smells amazing. You can get 2 for $1 with the coupon because there’s a promotion where if buy 2 you can get it with $3, with the coupon it’s only $1!

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