Free Toilet Paper Roll Cover From Cottonelle

UPDATE: Their form seems to be really slow to load right now 🙁

Click here to visit the Cottonelle site and fill out the form to request your free Toilet Paper Roll Cover. Where it asks for UPC code, put in 3600013396 

Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Thanks Lauren!

Image Credit: Cottonelle

62 thoughts on “Free Toilet Paper Roll Cover From Cottonelle”

  1. Free toilet paper roll cover link. Clicked on link a few minutes later it says done at bottom of the screen. HOWEVER most of the screen is blank. Form gone?

  2. i entered it as soon as it popped up on my screen…it was fairly slow, then i entered one for my mother and it timed out :/

  3. I got the following runtime error after submitting my request: An application error occurred on the server. … Maybe I’ll try again later…

  4. After you submit your information it may come back “Service Unavailible” just hit back and submit again.

    • Hit “refresh” after you get this message. That should reset the page to where you can fill out the info.

  5. I got form to come up but didn’t have a send button so hit enter but didn’t get anything after so not sure it went.

  6. They are no longer offering it. I called the company and their PR dept. said that this offer was not to be made public, It was intended for corporations only and they are sorry for any confusion

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