43 thoughts on “Free Sample Pack of Post-it Super Sticky Notes”

  1. I use post it notes all the time for reminders on my fridge. Problem? Our new cat thinks they are toys once the air comes on, they flutter a lil’ lol Maybe these will stay put! Smiles, and Thanks!

  2. As you get older your memory is not as great so these are so handy to have to make yourself a note

  3. I would love some fr my cookbooks and all the recipes that I want to save as favorites..
    actually that was on my list to buy this week….thanks!!

  4. Sticky notes are the answer to all my “don’t forget” problems. I put them everywhere. Their great stickability is what makes them a great product. Thanks for the offer.

  5. why is it that Canadian people are always having troble with the zip on these things we don’t have zips we have postal codes

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