Get to Know Your Local Thrift Stores

Say the words ‘thrift store’ and you’re likely to get one of two reactions. ‘Oh, gross! Buy other people’s used stuff?” or “I love thrift stores! I find the best deals there.” I fall happily into the latter category. And I have found some of the best deals there.

To make the most of your thrift store shopping there are a few simple tips we’ll go over.

Like anything, you have to use some common sense.

Visit Often

Visiting your local thrift store often accomplishes two things. You’ll get to know the routines of the store, what day they put out new clothing, which days are the most crowded and what types of merchandise they get in regularly. You’ll also come to know to the staff. Having a good rapport with the cashiers and floor personnel at the thrift store can work in your favor. Sometimes they will see something come in and set it aside for you because they know you have been looking for a size 8 pink little girl’s winter jacket.
Once you have become established at the store and know their routines, you can cut your visits back to once a week or every other week. Just maintain good relationships with the staff. It can work in your favor.

Know Your Products

If you are in the market for something particular, say a bread machine, you may have to wait a while. Do your homework in the meantime. Look up the different brands and features each has. Know the retail price for the item. How else will you know if the thrift store price is really a good one or not?

Know the Seasonal Timing

A good thrift store will put out merchandise in keeping with the seasons, just like retail stores. When you start to see Halloween merchandise in Wal-Mart, it’s time to start looking for costumes at the thrift store. Summer clothes will begin to arrive in early spring; winter clothes in late summer.

Things to Be Careful Of

Even the best rune stores can make mistakes. Things to watch for are those with many pieces. Children’s board games and toys, jigsaw puzzles and anything that comes as a set. You or your children will be so disappointed if you the item home and discover there are pieces missing and the item is useless. A box or bag of loose Barbie clothes or Matchbox cars is fine but if the game Operation is missing the bones,. You can’t play the game.