Free Beauty Bag From Target

UPDATE: Only the Poise sample is available now

Click here to visit the Target site and click “Request Sample.” Answer their 5 questions and you’ll be able to enter your shipping info to request a free beauty bag from them. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

You can also request a free Poise sample on their site as well.

Image Credit: Target ; thanks Jennifer!

77 thoughts on “Free Beauty Bag From Target”

  1. its not working get to the survey page an it wont load just freezes there .. really would like one but cant get there 🙁

  2. Ubable to get Target sample will not arrow down to complete, and yes I went out and came back in

  3. Not able to complete process. Never finished confirming ..says need more information. But filled out all of the shipping info.

  4. use firefox….if at the end, it keeps ‘spinning’ showing that it’s processing the info, hit refresh, then try to fill out again; if your info was submitted, it will say that you can’t b/c there’s only one per household. Pretty sure it’s submitted if that happens. Sorry. Hope that helps.

  5. Just isn’t fair. They get our hopes up then let us down. I have never had any luck with Target offers 🙁

    • I have always received my samples from Target. Always, always.. there is not one time myself, a family member or a friend had not received something they requested.

  6. I completed the entire thing. Answered the secret question and then …nothing. Now it just says error. Does this mean it went through?

  7. I tired it more then 20 times to kick in, then I called the store. They said they where having Techenical problems & to try it on Monday again. If you wait even that long it won’t be THEIR. wouldn’t except my address, but boy my bill get to me !!

  8. answered the security question and it’s stuck on the spinny thing. when i retry it, it says “It looks like a sample has already been requested from this address. Please look it over, resubmit and we’ll continue the order process.” Hope it went through!! 😀

  9. Am I the only one that is having problems with this site? I answered the first question and then nothing happens. Please let me know if any others are having the same problem.

  10. An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #97.3e8502cc.1314563586.f426e38

    This is the responce I got. How are you Suppose to know If you got one If you dont give them your INFO!!!

  11. Can’t get this! I’ve tried numerous times. I really want it. If someone can just let me know how to get it

  12. Have tried and tried to get this to pull up.. It keeps saying error occured. So you know now that you want get one…

  13. I requested the free samples here but it never went to the confirm that I will receive it. My question is will I get the samples sent to my house? thank you.

  14. anyone get thru after the “look it over and resubmit”? And, if on the site I click CONTACT US to ask a qq, I get error message 404. Yikes!

  15. All that shows up on the Target site is the Poise sample request. I can’t find the beauty bag. Is anyone else having trouble?

  16. Hope I get 1 to it plays up then says one has been submitted under my address has this happened 2 any1 else?. X .

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