Free BIC Atlantis Pen (1st 130 Every Hour)

Just a reminder that this is still available. According to the BIC facebook, they’re giving away 130 free Atlantis Pens every hour, from 10am – 8pm ET everyday in August. Just click here and “Like” their Facebook page and check “The Cork Board” tab on the hour to try and request yours.

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Image Credit: Bic

75 thoughts on “Free BIC Atlantis Pen (1st 130 Every Hour)”

  1. All I keep getting is pens have been depleted…..tried for 5 minutes after the hour and still the same

    • Hey Rita please keep in mind that I don’t work with these companies, I just find the links for you guys. You have to click the blue “click here” link in the post

  2. Denise, I got one by waiting about 30 seconds after the clock on my computer hit the top of the hour. I know theirs don’t kick in that fast, so if you wait just a short bit, it may work.

  3. Can’t seem to get to where I need to register!!!! Could always use a good pen would really like to try one!!!!

  4. This site doesn’t work. It tells me to “like” it, then when I click to enter, it tells me again to “like” it…but the “like” button is not there anymore because I already did that.

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