Sam’s Club: Free Sample of ProForce Cleaners

NOTE: A 12 digit Sams Id is needed

This one’s back. Click here to visit the Sam’s club site and let the page load. You should then see two circles moving on the bottles. If you move your mouse over one of them, you can then click “Get A Free Sample” and then fill out the form on the next page. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. I can’t guarantee it’ll happen again, but the last time they had this “sample” mine weighed 33 pounds!

Image Credit: Sam’s Club

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  1. Have been trying on and off since early afternoon to get website to come up. Site has ProForce Commerical Products logo in middle of page and it says ‘Loading Content’ but nothing more. I have let it sit and give it time to load and have restarted a number of times. Nothing works.

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