1st 10,000: Free Sample Of Pantene @ 9 AM (Pacific Time) / 12 PM (Eastern Time)

Each day this week, P&G beauty will be giving away 10,000 free samples. Click here to visit the Allure site at 9 am (Pacific time) / 12 pm (Eastern time), scroll down, and click “Enter Now” for day 1. The first 10,000 to respond today will get a free sample of Pantent.

Image Credit: P&G ; thanks msm

19 thoughts on “1st 10,000: Free Sample Of Pantene @ 9 AM (Pacific Time) / 12 PM (Eastern Time)”

  1. I’m on the east coast, time right now is 10:30am and I did not have to wait til’ 12pm eastern to enter. I was able to enter just now. Just an FYI =)

  2. I am in Australia when I try to Enter anything it lets me put my Country but it only has a button for American State, nothing for the Australian Staes. As this is a requirement I was wonderig if I am actually able to join in Australia? If not Why can I put my Country and postcode? If so How do I put my State because it wont let me??By the way LOVE PANTENE. I endorse it myself all the time

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