Fedex Is Giving Away 30,000 Free $25 Gift Cards

UPDATE: All were given away 🙁

Just a heads up. Starting tomorrow (11/1) @ 1pm (eastern time) / 10am (pacific time), FedEx will give away American Express gift cards, each worth $25 on their facebook to the 1st 30,000 signups.  Ten thousand additional cards will be distributed directly to FedEx customers.

The event is designed to get consumers to shop at local, independently-owned merchants on the day after Black Friday

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Image credit: Fedex ; thanks dispatch

130 thoughts on “Fedex Is Giving Away 30,000 Free $25 Gift Cards”

  1. What a wonderful help to the economy, If I am lucky enough to win one I will use it at a local shop that is struggling to stay open. Thanks Fedex!

  2. I could sure use a pick me up.I just finished radiation all summer for breast cancer.I’m all alone because I lost my husband of 22 years to lung cancer in 2004.He was 45.I can’t afford to traeat myself and I’d use the card if I win to get a very much needed hair cut.If I don’t win, I want to congratulate the winner ahead of time.

  3. I forgot to post a comment earlier & enter my website, so I’m glad you have this spot. I think it is EXTREMLY generous of companies when they give back to their customers! The mid to large size companies all of a sudden seem so greedy. They probably give out .15 cent coupons ONLY. No raises for the staff either! THANK YOU FED-EX

  4. Cool idea…Just used fed-ex while purshaseing a product on-line.Package got left at another house but fed-ex employees were very helpful in finding my package..Just a honest mistake…Will definetly be doing more on-line shopping…hope I am lucky enough to win!!! waiting on 1 o’clock eastern time….

    • I’m trying to find the registration box, but all I keep getting is the info boxes, can someone tell me how to find the registration box?

  5. This will certainly be great, since there was to be very little Christmas for us. Hope I can get in there for a gift to give.

  6. Would love to win $25.00 gift card. It would be so much with today’s economy being so bad. Thanks for letting me share my comment.

  7. I use Fed Ex regulaly. My Granddaughter lives in Washington State I live in Penna. Can always count on Fed Ex to get her packages to her on time for all occasions. Thank you

  8. This is a scam. Link doesn’t work. When you call the help phone number, no one is available to help, and you can’t leave a message.

  9. Their FB page is updated.

    “Hi all – we’re loading the registration for the Amex gift cards now – you will see the form very shortly – sorry for the delay!”

  10. I could never get the page to load. I think it is a dead link. But after reading the comments posted on Fed Ex’s FB page, it sounds like a bogus promotion. Many people are saying that you must have an AMEX card to qualify and you receive cash back on your statement.

  11. On at 100 till 230 and web site did not work at all. Very upset with this one. I know a lot of other people were upset to…..

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