15 Free “4×8” Greeting Cards + 25 Free “4×6” Prints @ Rite Aid

  1. Click here to visit the Rite Aid site and either login or register at the top
  2. Click here and add choose a theme under “4×8 Photo Cards”
  3. Click “Create Now” and then select
  4. Upload your photos
  5. Create 15 cards and use the promo code FREECARDS @ checkout to score them free
  6. Now for the 25 free 4×6 prints click here 
  7. Upload or choose your photos and click “Order Prints”
  8. Make sure you have 25 4×6 prints and enter the code FREEPRINTS 
  9. Your total for all 40 prints should be $0.00
  10. Complete the checkout process with In-Store pickup
  11. Done 🙂
Image credit: Rite Aid ; thanks yesboss

13 thoughts on “15 Free “4×8” Greeting Cards + 25 Free “4×6” Prints @ Rite Aid”

  1. Could anyone tell me how long this offer is good for?
    Is it possible to take SD card into a store and get this offer? versus downloading pics (I have limited internet)

  2. Just an FYI you can also do the free 8×10 code with this! You just add the 25 prints in first and then after you enter the free prints code enter FREE8X10.

  3. Good luck, I did mine yesterday, went to pick them up today, and they didn’t have them. I called the 800 rite aid number, they got my order, but somehow they didn’t make it to the store, now I have to do it all over again and hope they make it this time! Am very disappointed in rite aid! 🙁

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